Calligraphy Calligraphy for Beginners 2 – The Elegance of Italics

Nhi Đồng Sún Răng28/6/17

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    Calligraphy for Beginners 2 – The Elegance of Italics
    MP4 | ENGLISH | 1h7m | 12 video

    Calligraphy for beginners is a three class sequence for anyone who wants to start studying calligraphy. This is the second installment of that sequence.

    This class is about Italic Letters, my interpretation of the classic Italic Script from the 15th century. Italic isn't the easiest style to learn, but I’ll show you some techniques to make the process easier and in the final portion of the class, you'll create some of your own beautiful words in this style.

    Italics is a elegant style with sexy curves and fluid movement. In addition, this class provides the basis for my next exciting class: Brush Pen Italics!So, what

    are you waiting for? Join me to perfect creating Italic Letters!

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