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    Create your own custom branding scenes with our all new Custom Branding Creator. The perfect bundle to help you easily brand yourself, your client, or your business.

    The Custom Branding Creator features 100+ fully customizable branding objects, 8 pre-made scenes, 10 background options, 2 pre-made Pinterest creators and 2 bonus mockups.

    Items Included:

    • 100+ Hi-Res Fully Customizable Branding Objects
    • 8 Pre-made Scenes / 6 landscape + 2 portrait
    • 2 Pre-made Pinterest Creators
    • 2 Bonus Mock-ups
    • Help Document

    • 2 Marble
    • 1 Sheet
    • 1 Faux Fur
    • 3 Granite
    • 1 Stone
    • 1 Slate
    • 1 Concrete
    Free Fonts Used- Links Provided

    Easy to Edit

    Arrange items to create your own scenes or choose from several pre-made scenes to display your branding. Smart objects make it fast and easy to change colors, backgrounds, text, and designs.

    High Resolution Imagery

    All items are hi-res and perfect for display on both print and digital media formats.

    Download Instructions

    Due to this file being too large for Creative Market, upon purchase, you will receive a .PDF with instructions on how to download the custom branding creator via dropbox.

    Read Before Buying

    Requires Photoshop CS4+

    If you don’t have Photoshop, you can download a free 30 day trial here:Download a free trial or buy Adobe products | Adobe downloads

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