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Le Lenny7/10/18

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    Retro Factory Bundle
    Creative Market

    I'm happy to release this bundle currently including 10 retro products for graphic designers: 340 brushes for Adobe Illustrator, 200 retro illustrations, 400 retro shapes salvaged from mid-century ads and magazines, and Capitan Pajamas graphic styles with 168 combinations - about 1100 design pieces in total.

    This is the initial release, which is only a portion of what we are going to include in the Retro Factory. You will also get free lifetime product updates: every Illustrator or Photoshop brush, texture, retro illustration, action or graphic style we ever release will be added to the bundle.

    Products included:
    Version 1.0 (03.18.2018)
    You save $96 (77%).

    • 600 Illustrations and shapes in EPS, AI (only shapes) and PNG formats;
    • 340 Illustrator brushes in AI format;
    • Graphic styles in AI format;
    • !!! Free updates !!! You get access to every retro product we make in the future;
    • !!! Extended license for the entire bundle included !!!
    Items overview:

    man, woman, car, truck, bottle, ink, radio, lawn mover, camera, phone, mail box, microphone, photographer, science, refrigerator, american flag, tv set, pencil, factory, retro character, retro car, racing car, tire, fuel station, rocket, tractor, train, tv, satellite, razor blade, radio, refrigerator, hammer, fan, atom, atomic, sailor, drawing, typewriter, cinema, fish bag, microscope, paint can, book, ring, binoculars, compass, ship in a bottle, lamp, mailbox, vinyl record, gun, tube, newspaper, coupon, arrow, starburst, torn edge, hexagon, shout box, ribbon, star, pentagon, seal, flag, tag, watercolor splatter, watercolor stain, watercolor swash, pencil brush, wax brush, dry ink swash, grunge stain, comic book graphic style, dust brush, spray brush, and many more.


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