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Le Lenny11/10/18

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    The Joy of Lettering: A creative exploration of contemporary
    hand lettering, typography & illustrated typeface

    Amazon | PDF | 2016 | 24MB

    Contains more than 50
    tips, techniques and lessons for creating beautiful illuminated letters and sophisticated lettering projects.

    In the introduction we learn about the elements of letters and the history of writing. We then explore 10 different typography styles: art deco, coastal, cubism, garamond, parisian, medieval, mid-century modern, retro, southwestern and tribal.


    A variety of lettering techniques are then explored which should give you lots of ideas to use in your own lettering. We learn about including flourishes, 3-D techniques, animals, birds, objects and flowers into our lettering. There are also tips for chalk lettering, negative lettering and drawing your letters in a shape.

    There’s even a section on photographing your lettering and making your own lightbox using a cardboard box! Learning how to digitise your lettering is also an important skill to have if you want to sell your lettering on prints, t-shirts, mugs, and more. That’s also included in the book with easy step-by-step tutorials.

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