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    "Wallderful" - Frames Mockups

    'Wallderful' Frames Mockups set allows you quickly and easily add a frame to your artworks like prints, posters, photos, art and more.

    All with 12 locations photos, many frames and non-frames canvas and different frame textures each - it's about 500 variations!

    'Wallderful' provides amazing mockups including:

    • Smart Object based frames;
    • 12 beautiful locations photos;
    • 7 texture variations per frame;
    • 5 most popular frame sizes: 8.5''x11'', 8''x10'', 11''x11'', 11''x14'', A4 International (+ frameless for each);
    • One BONUS wooden plate for each location;
    • Additional adjustments for more realistic look;
    • High-res 300 dpi and 3648x5472 px .psd files;
    • And yes, frames are movable!
    All mockups provided with your download comes with .jpg thumbnails also, so you can easily locate the ones you're interested in.

    Still want to know more? See our video tutorial with explanation of features -

    Important notes on download:

    Because Creative Market allows to upload files no more than 1GB only and this bundle is over 1.6 GB in total, so inside you can find a link to your download:

    • So purchase and download .txt file from Creative Market, there you will find a text file called "DOWNLOAD LINKS.rtf" with link.
    • Download your archive.

    All images used in previews are copyright of their respectfully owners & used only for preview purposes

    It's a co-op. product with Frisk Shop. You can purchase this one in his shop also: "Wallderful" Frames Mockups

    Enjoy and if you like it, please recommend it :)
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